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I know, it's lame, but I'm a really huge fan of money as a present. While it might not be as creative or personal (hey, how about adding a letter? ;)) as something else, it saves a lot of disappointment on both sides.

If that's not good enough for you, simply tell me what to use it for -- but leave the details to me. That way, everyone's happy :)

Currently, I'm saving for (somewhat sorted; inentionally no links):


  • new shoes (~100 Euro)
  • volleyball (~70)

Home office:

  • monitor stand (~50)
  • keyboard (~50)
  • office chair (~100)
  • scanner (~200)
  • numbering apparatus (~30)

Nerd stuff:

  • hard drive(s) + enclosure(s)
  • access point(s)
  • switch(es)
  • ...


  • a new (good) mattress
  • travel budget
  • retirement provision :D