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The "holy grail of backups" vs "Backups done right"

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borg (fork of attic)



These guys are giving me a really hard time. Part of the reason for this blog post was not only to show you these two gems (particularly the latter doesn't seem to receive the recognition that it deserves), but also to make up my mind on which one to user... but I'm not really any wiser.

No real performance difference Obviously, borg much more mature and more features (sparese files, ...) However, it doesn't seem to be planned to add support for any sort of remote cloud storage... which restic already has....

Like the output of borg a bit more. Then again, I have a statistics/number fetish and nobody will see the output anyhow...

Borg fails with non-zero exit when a file cannot be read; restic doesn't

It seems that borg gains in terms of speed the larger the repository becomes. Maybe due to not caching?